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#16 How to Forever Guarantee All Women's Right to Choose: AWRTC

ISSUE #16 — Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Posted by Denny Hatch

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DATE:        July 24, 2018

 How to Forever Guarantee All Women's Right to Choose: AWRTC!

Several years ago we discussed the potential threat to Roe v. Wade and what to do were it repealed.

• Back then Obama was POTUS. 

• SCOTUS was reasonable. 

• God was in Her heaven. 

Alas, with the Kennedy resignation plus the wackadoodle Trump Cultist Congress, the situation is suddenly dicey to dire.

If the idea described below flies, no matter what SCOTUS, POTUS, lower courts, Congress or the states decide about Roe v. Wade, safe abortions will be forever available—free—to all women of child-bearing age in America.

From Politico.com:
State abortion ballots prepare for post-Roe world
Many states have turned to both ballot measures and legislation to enact abortion policy in the event of a dramatic Supreme Court decision.

The key sentence:
If you live in California, Oregon, Washington, New York State or Massachusetts, it’s pretty likely that abortion will remain legal like it was in New York and Washington before Roe.

Elsewhere—especially for desperate rural poor and minority women—it’s back to the 19th century—wire coat hangers, medical quacks, fatal infections, fetal agony, infanticide and suicides.

Step 1
• Give me 15 minutes with Warren Buffet to propose a new profit center for his NetJets.

• Followed by one-on-one meetings with other rich-rich FORBES 400s—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, George Soros, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, etc.

• Set up a 501c3 corporation.

• Fund agreeable hospitals in those states permitting abortions to expand into major women’s health centers to handle the influx of women.

Make available free condoms, free birth control pills, free morning-after pills.

• Set up a national communications and transportation network to enable women in need to come and go to and from these facilities on short notice—via motor coach, puddle-jumper aircraft and—for long distances—Buffet’s NetJets.

 • Time targets: 18 hours max round-trip point-to-point (e.g., Indiana - New York is 737 miles. NetJets).

• Extended time for difficult cases.

Step 2
• When Democrats reclaim a federal majority, sponsor a bill whereby U.S. Passport requirements are waived in the case of 18-hour excursions in and out of the country. Call them “Temporary Health Exit-Return Visas” (THERV’s).

• Locate hospitals/clinics in Canada & Mexico on the U.S. borders. Perhaps 4 on each border. Start with communities very close to the U.S. border with existing hospitals or clinics to be upgraded (including good housing for the workers). Plus, of course, near-by world-class airports. (See below for two possible venues.)

Negotiate with Canada and Mexico. This should be an attractive proposition to these two governments, as the major expansion of several health facilities will improve the lifestyle of the local communities and account for an influx of new jobs.

• Supply each agreed-upon venue a big infusion of cash to expand into world-class women’s health facilities.

• Set up a nationwide communications and transportation system for pregnant women of any age in America to access these facilities for safe, 18-hour travel and termination procedures—Free.

• Employ Buffet’s NetJets for long distance travel; use motor vehicles, helicopters and piston puddle-jumpers for shorter distances.


Word Count: 497

If you agree with the above, kindly forward this post to friends, family, colleagues plus your state and federal representatives. Thank you.

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