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#87 Geezer Fast-Yoga

Issue #87 - Tuesday, March 24, 2010
Posted by Denny Hatch

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By Denny Hatch

Self-Quarantine Miseries?
How I Stay Loose and Limber

Dear Fellow Housebound Prisoner,

Peggy and I are in very senior years.  

Following government directives, we laid in some doomsday stores and have self-quarantined.

Staying in Shape Indoors
For nearly a year—at age 84—I have been spending 26 minutes every morning with a Fast-Yoga routine that has enabled me to keep moving and—above all—put on my own socks.

It’s based on seven years of one-hour-a-week workouts with Sheila, our wonderful yoga teacher.

I decided to share this shortened version in the hopes other senior men might find it useful—especially in this time when so many of us are forced to remain in home detention.

This light regimen is done in my own living room first thing every morning. I do it in 26 minutes.

I invite you to have a look. Maybe you’ll find it helpful.

Thank you.

New YouTube Video 

P.S. If you have a friend, family member or business associate who might benefit from this video, kindly forward them the YouTube link below.

It’s free.

Thank you.

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 Thank you one and all for your kind comments and kind words. I want to share with you my favorite from Rick:

All written out and tried it. This is a pretty decent workout,  you can feel it after you're done. Thanks.

Thank you, thank you, Rick. I'm only sorry you went to the trouble of writing it all out. I would be happy to send you the shooting script for my voice-over.
     Stay indoors and stay healthy.
     And do keep in touch.

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