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#167 Blog Post - Tuesday, 13 September 2022


Posted by Denny Hatch


Marketing the Certification of Office Holders:

Centuries-old British Civility vs. MAGA Mayhem

This past weekend was splendid!


• The Phillies and the Eagles won.


• The amazing teen-age Spaniard, Carlos Alcaraz—who has mesmerized us since we stumbled onto his Barcelona win in April—won the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in New York after three exhausting 5-hour matches and catapulted to #1 in the world.


• I traveled extensively with my current tour company of record (YouTube). The journey: I went via virtual First Class to such favorite destinations as London, Scotland, Gibraltar and elsewhere. My search: to be present at the Proclamation Ceremonies that certified the long-serving Prince of Wales has indeed become King Charles III.


The Proclamation

"We, therefore, the Lords Spiritual and Templar of this realm, and members of the House of Commons, together with other members of her late Majesty's Privy Council and representatives of the Realms and Territories—aldermen and citizens of London and others, do now hereby with one voice and consent of tongue and heart, publish and proclaim, that the Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now, by the death of our late Sovereign of happy memories, become our only lawful, rightful Liege Lord, Charles III, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of his other realms and territories, King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, to whom we do acknowledge all faith and obedience with humble affection, beseeching God, by whom kings and queens do reign, to bless his majesty with long and happy years to reign over us. GOD SAVE THE KING! [All repeat) GOD SAVE THE KING!"


Asking a Favor of All Readers

Before I hand you the keys to be "up close and personal" at these splendid Certification ceremonies, may I suggest we remember the saga of incoming President Joe Biden. What happened at the U.S. Capitol and the lengths to which the angry and dangerous MAGAs went in their attempt to subvert the electoral process was (and is) appalling. Can we ever forget the hangman's noose and chants of "Hang Pence!" Always remember the "STOP THE STEAL" signs, the fury, the hatred, the violence, the deaths, the shouting the trashing of the U.S. Capitol building that horrific January 6th. The images will be etched in our collective memories till death do us part.


Three YouTube Invitations...

1. A 300-year-old Ritual Never Before Seen by the Public

LONDON — While Prince Charles became Britain’s new king automatically on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on Thursday, his role was officially proclaimed on Saturday morning in a ceremony laden with pomp and procedure at St. James’s Palace, a Tudor royal residence near Buckingham Palace. Charles underwent a more than 300-year-old ritual by which Britain’s kings and queens are proclaimed sovereign. It was the first time the public was allowed to see the procedure in action, as the proclamation of King Charles III was broadcast live, weaving a bit of modernity into the tradition.
The New York Times, September 10, 2022


2. The Moment Charles III Was Proclaimed King in Scotland

 EDINBURGH — Charles III has been proclaimed King in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, following the death of the Queen. The Lord Lyon King of Arms has read the proclamation of the new King to the people of Scotland at Mercat Cross in Edinburgh. He told the crowd: “God Save the King”, who repeated it in response. The proclamation was then followed by a 21-gun salute from Edinburgh Castle. —ITV News


3. Gibraltar
GIBRALTAR — Gibraltar has now officially recognized King Charles as its new monarch and head of state, with the Governor Sir David Steel making the public proclamation at The Convent at midday on Sunday. —GBC Online

Takeaways to Consider

• From our beginnings, the American certification of the election of President and Vice-president is a secret, seedy unsupervised ritual held in the dreary bowels of the U.S. Capitol out of sight of the electorate.


• It is a gross insult to all winning candidates who collectively spend billions of dollars to get elected.


• In the United Kingdom, the certification of office holders—whether elected or hereditary—is a huge source of national pride. These are grand public events with readings of the Proclamation in ceremonies held in every territory, city, town and village throughout the Commonwealth.


• I suggest Congress and the President declare the third Tuesday in November to be designated a national a holiday, Confirmation Day. Two weeks should be plenty of time for all votes to be counted.


Confirmation Day should be a grand celebration of free elections with fireworks and speeches by federal, state and local political winners throughout the land in states, cities and towns—reaffirming their campaign promises and proffering thanks to all who voted them into office.





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  1. "[M]ay I suggest we remember the saga of incoming President Joe Biden. What happened at the U.S. Capitol and the lengths to which the angry and dangerous MAGAs went in their attempt to subvert the electoral process was (and is) appalling." I so agree! And may I adjoin my suggestion that we remember the saga of incoming President Donald Trump in 2016. What happened among all the major news outlets and the lengths to which the angry and dangerous illiberal, anti-democratic "liberals" went in their attempts to subvert the electoral process throughout Mr. Trump's presidency was (and is) also appalling.

    1. Dear John Holzmann,
      Many, many thanks for taking the time to comment and...
      ... thank you, thank you for your kind words.
      These are grim times with Trump and the MAGA magots. At the same time, it's all wonderfully titillating (and scary) every day as I wait to see and hear and wonder what the DOJ is up to.
      The great question in all this classified records business where the media dropped the ball (IMO):
      How did these files leave the National Archives? Who came and picked them up? Who allowed them to leave the safe environment? Who signed in and who (and from where) signed for them out????
      Both those people—the person who signed in and the person who let them out should be tarred, feathered and strung up by their thumbs in 100-degree heat.
      The other fascinating question: Did Mitch McConnnell's screwing Merrick Garland out of a SCOTUS seat piss off the seemingly even-tempered AG so bigly that he is out for serious revenge???
      Do keep in touch.

  2. One must consider the history, in the U.K and the U.S. The Brits respect their history. They know what to do. In contrast, before Trump, the U.S. had procedures to keep the government flowing. Albeit a bit messy, it always worked until 2020. Then Trump pulled his shenanigans. We New Yorkers knew about him years ago. Did you ever think that his secret meeting with Kislyak and Lavrov in the Oval Office could have led to a secret document sale? So sad; let's hope we survive this cancer.

    1. Jeffrey, thank you for taking the time to write. In reply to your note, all I can say is: Amen, Bro. Do keep in touch.

  3. Gerald gave me the okay to share his email...
    Hi, Denny:
    As you posted about the Queen …
    … I thought these links might be of interest - apologies if you've already seen them.
    The BBC's regularly updated "live" webpage:

    They're also hosting a dedicated stream of the Queen lying in state in Westminster Hall:

    I think the guards around the coffin change every 30 minutes - it's quite something.